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BIBmed forte

BIBmed forte

BIBmed forte

BIBmed forte is a liquid concentrate for cold sterilization and cleaning of thermolabile and also thermostable instruments used in hospitals and general medical clinics. Also, for pre-operative and post-operative disinfection of all types of instuments such as endoscopes; diagnosis, preserving and surgical instruments; extracting forceps; anesthesia accessories; etc. BIBmed forte is also suitable for disinfecting instuments made of different materials â metal, porcelain, glass, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and rubber.


  • Free of aldehydes
  • Free of phenols
  • Pleasant, fresh smell; not corrosive
  • Biodegradable according to classification by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Remove cap of dosing section.  Fill it with 50 mL. of BIBmed forte by pressing bottle slightly. Dilute this volume with 950 mL. of water to make to 1 Liter 5% ready to use solution. Freshly prepared diluted solution must be used for every disinfection process. Immerse instruments in the solution for the time shown in the table:

Activity spectrum Concentration Time of immersion
Viruses (HBV/HIV) 5% 5 minutes
Bacteria & Fungi 5% 60 minutes
Tuberculosis Bacillus 5% 60 minutes

After immersion, rinse medical instruments under running water. Sterilize as needed. In case of heavy soilings, use brush to remove solid particles  and repeat the disinfection process. Do the same process 1-2 times a week or daily depending on the extent of soilings.


100 g BIBmed Forte contains:

  • 2.2 g Alkylamine
  • 1.7 g Trialkyl(polyoxethyl)ammoniumpropionate
  • Emulsifying agents, surfactants, auxiliary agents, deionized water


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  • Prof. Dr. R. Schubert, Frankfurt University, DGHM Method, Dec. 1998
  • Prof. Dr. Frosner, University of Munich, HBsAg Method, Nov. 1998
  • Dr. J. Steinmann, Mikrolab Bremen, Test Against Surrogate Virus BVDV, Nov. 2003.


  • Irritating to the eyes and skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water; with skin, wash with soap and water.
  • The use of protective gloves  and eye/face protection is recommended


Art. No.  8042  –  1 Liter Dosage Bottle
Art. No.  8043  –  5 Liter Can

Manufactured by:

Arabian Products Factory for Medical Disinfectants

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel. Nos: (+966-1) 460-1552/265-0286

Fax No.: (+966-1) 460-1540

Toll Free Nos.: 920002912/920002919

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