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Quality Control

Our quality assurance team ensure all products meet the quality standards as established by international standards. It is not a simple task, because it entails an incredible number of inspections, checks and reviews before a product can be offered to the market In APMD, from production to marketing and sales, every person is responsible for making a quality product. Safeguarding quality is a team effort.


Arabian Products Factory for Medical Disinfectants, established in the year 1998, in consortium with Germany ALPRO Medical GMBH. APMD is the leaders in the production and marketing of medical and dental disinfectant products in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf territories.
Through the years, APMD has embarked on its corporate strategy of developing, manufacturing and marketing quality products for government hospitals, private medical and dental clinics .
APMD commitment to serve the growing demand for its high-quality products through a mix of competent technical staffs, strict production quality control, standard manufacturing facilities and laboratory equipment using high-grade raw materials.
APMD is revolutionizing the future of hygiene and cleaning products as well as disinfectants.

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Our consistently high levels of customer satisfaction, are based on continually producing top quality products to achieve operational excellence. At APMD, we offer a range of disinfectants, hygiene and cleaning products that vary in strength and efficacy level. Because of this, we can tailor custom plans to provide the maximum protection.